In The Shadow of COVID-19

I’ve learned a few things during “Shelter-in-place” and wanted to share them with anyone who cares to read them.


…Here goes ~

Time is valuable; a precious commodity, don’t waste it.

People matter; make time.

Everyone needs Jesus more than ever today.

The Gospel is the conversation we need to have with all people as much as possible, wherever we go.

Learning to listen with our mouth closed and ears open; without judgement is important.

Being all there is powerful! So, put down the remote, put away your phone, look up, out & around you.

Love more.

Smile more (even behind the mask).

Laugh more.

Live with an open hand and open heart.

Be generous with kindness.

Enjoy the company and conversation of those whom you love the most.

Lingering around a table after a meal with your people is time well spent. It can be a very loving thing to do. It might even be an act of worship. After all, Jesus spent a lot of time lingering around a table after a meal with friends.

Personal & corporate worship are both “essential”.

Here’s to 2021!

In the shadow of The Almighty

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Why My Blog Is Titled Shadow Living?

From as far back as my memory will allow me to go;  I always felt like I was living “in someone else’s shadow.”  I wouldn’t understood the why behind it until years later.  But, it is connected to my childhood.  Growing up feeling invisible, unheard and dismissed had a tremendous effect on me.  Looking back, after years of God peeling back the layers and revealing facts vs. lies I realize it was no one’s fault.  Events, choices are made in life that leave ripple effects on a child’s heart.  BUT GOD!  He has a way of redeeming, restoring, resurrecting who He made us to be!  When we choose to let go of a life lived “in the shadow” of others and begin to live in the shadow of The Almighty!

Living in someone else’s shadow you tend to lose your own.  Or in my case have a really hard time finding it.  Remember how Peter Pan was always looking for his shadow?  He came into the nursery looking for it, thinking he had left it on one of those nights when Wendy would read to him. Wendy finds it and sews it onto his feet so he wouldn’t lose it again.  That’s what it feels like to not really know who you are.  To not have your own shadow or what we call identity.  You feel like something has been lost so you keep looking to find it.  I was looking for my “shadow” (my identity) but instead of sewing it on so I would not lose it again, for me; it was easier to just blend in and live in someone else’s shadow.

I grew up  in an environment where physical appearance or beauty was of utmost importance.  Now, beauty is not a bad thing.  But when that is the object of conversation or compliments were given only to the beautiful ones,  it can be a hard environment to grow up in.  Especially, if you don’t feel like one of the beautiful ones.  I was the little girl with gray teeth and freckles across my nose and a pixie haircut!  I was the quiet, shy kid who never looked people in the eye when they talked to me.  So living in the shadow of another was easy.  I was accustomed to it.  It had become my safe place.

In that type of atmosphere, it is easy to blend into the wallpaper, because there was always someone all too eager to take center stage! There were quite a few in my sphere of life who were willing to have all eyes & ears on them.  As a matter of fact, if they weren’t the center of attention believe you me, they would make sure they were seen and heard!  It was nauseating and exhausting.   I was definitely not one of those!  I just tried to stay out of the way.  So at an early age I learned to live in the shadows.   After many years of searching, seeking and self medicating something inside of me  woke up!

Through My Abba’s help in his word, prayer, pain & counseling I have been set free to step out of a life lived in another person’s  “shadow” and am learning how to live abundantly in the Shadow of The Almighty!

I am sincerely hoping there are others out there in blogosphere world who can relate to my experience.  My heart is to share my story of restoration, redemption & renewal so others can find their true identity & freedom in knowing who they are and why they were created.  Purpose brings peace & power.  I have found that shadow living can be a wonderful way of life but the key is choosing to live in the right shadow.   Hoping to hear from a few of you soon.

Choosing to live in the shadow of the Almighty,
Psalm 91:1-2 Shadow Living

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Hope & Healing For Our Hurts, Hang-ups & Habits!

Years ago I went through Celebrate Recovery and through that I learned about patterns of behavior, what CR named “hurts, habits & hang-ups” we revert back to emotionally, mentally & physically.

Not all chains ⛓ are alcohol or drug related.

Celebrate Recovery isn’t just for those addicted to alcohol or drugs.

I truly believe every person needs the redemption of Jesus Christ because of our SIN nature.

But it doesn’t stop there; the recovery part of the transformation process which the Bible refers to as sanctification; the setting apart to holiness…

It is a lifelong process!

For those of us who were raised in very broken homes, dysfunctional & drama filled environments; those of us living in the shadow of narcissism at its finest; are in need of help, hope & healing!

Jesus Christ is our hope!

But He uses other safe people, places & grace filled, biblical counselors and His wonderful word to heal our hurts.

He give us tools and new patterns of behavior. But remember It is a process!

•Be patient with yourself

•Be patient with your loved ones struggling with addictions & chains.

My issue was deep seeded, unresolved, underlying anger that over time would inevitably rear its ugly head, in every area of my life and did much damage to many relationships.

I now know the anger that was under the surface but would eventually erupt was because of deep emotional wounds – hurt.

With Gods help and honest work on my part. I was so sick & tired of the woman I saw in the mirror; that I was ready to go through the pain of some honest self evaluation, confession & repentance to experience the change!

“Hurt people hurt others.”

If you know people who are damaged emotionally & mentally pray for them to see the truth about themselves, to get to a place in their lives where they can face their demons, past, etc. because when they stop denying and are ready to get real with themselves, God & a safe person – healing will begin.

Getting to the root of whatever your addictions & chains are numbing is the key to being set free.

I was being controlled and trying to control others through anger and didn’t even see it. I was in “denial” but when I was ready to receive truth and get real, stop denying, stop lying to myself ….

God revealed through someone close to me. I didn’t try to defend myself, or argue back; I heard and broke in a very good way. God began healing the open wounds in my heart. He is Jehovah-Rapha’ The God who heals!

More to follow…still on the road to wholeness!

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Faith & Obedience

Our King is coming! Will we be ready? Will our lamps be filled with oil and lit? Are we watching? Are we eager for His appearing? Are we walking in the call and doing the work He called us to do?

Read through the book of Hebrews this morning and realized Jesus used the word continue, abide, dwell, stay, be steadfast, immovable, unshakable for a reason!

If my confession of faith (belief) in Christ is not connected to obedience to His word, will & way it’s not genuine faith!

Belief & faith are always followed by obedience. Faith & Feet moving in cadence with God’s Word & The Holy Spirit.

Reading Hebrews this morning has been
like a spiritual physical (check up or tune up) for my heart & mind today.

If I love Jesus Christ…I will obey His Word. I have adjustments to make TODAY! How about you?

We are living in a time of “falling away”, “drifting away”, down right turning away from the Truth of God’s Word, Will & Way. Let’s make sure our faith is genuine. Let’s be sure our feet are moving in the same direction as our faith.

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Giving It All Over … Again

This morning I laid every one of our grown children, their spouses, our beautiful grandchildren on the altar in prayer giving them over to God.

Sometimes I forget that they don’t belong to me! They have a Heavenly Father who takes such great care of them. He knows how to speak into their lives so much better than I do.

We have raised our children the best way we knew how at the time, with what we knew then, what we had then & we truly did the best we knew to do; as imperfectly & broken as it was.

So today, the sweet Lord reminded me to “let go again”, to give them over to Him. Knowing He is the perfect Father who will never leave them. He is so much better at this than we could ever be.

He is so incredibly good! He is ABLE!

He sees the whole picture from start to finish! He will be faithful to accomplish in their lives what concerns Him!

Letting go!

Giving over!

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The madness!

We look to our government leaders.
We look to our law makers.
Some demand for more gun control.
Others yell for more mental health agencies.

God help us!

We blame the gaming industry.

We blame the movie & music industries.


Do we ever look within as a nation?
Do we look in the mirror?
Do we check our hearts?
Do we care?
Do I care?

Church do we care?

Do we look up in repentance & brokenness over our sin as a nation?

God help us!

Such tragedy!

So heartbreaking!

Where are those souls now?

Broken families, those living in motherless & Fatherless homes.

Friendless, broken, unloved, unheard, unseen kids.

Children left to themselves.

The forgotten ones.

The abandoned.

The emotionally, mentally & physically abused.

The neglected ones.

The down right evil of it all.

God help us!

These tragedies are the horrible symptoms of a nation gone mad!

Of a people saying, “no thanks God we will do it our way.
Get out of our schools, finances, relationships & homes!
Get out of our places of idol worship. Thanks anyway. We got this!

When the family unit is destroyed. When we turn away from our maker. When we go after the things that bring us pleasure at the expense of our marriages, our children’s best interest and turn away from God… This is the result.

God help us!

Anger & pain unleashed in an evil act through the end of a gun.

Innocent lives taken.

Lives & minds of the perpetrators stolen by the wicked one!

The puppet master is the EVIL one! The most broken, damaged, mentally ill & emotionally unstable because of reasons stated above are his puppets!

God help us!

Politicians don’t have the answers.
The Right doesn’t have the answers.
The Left doesn’t have the answers.

God help us! You are the answer!

2 Chronicles 7:14 – when my people humble themselves—the ones who are called by my name—and pray, seek me, and turn away from their evil practices, I myself will listen from heaven, I will pardon their sins, and I will restore their land.

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Jesus-Loving Mommas

To the Jesus-loving Momma’s out there whose hearts are aching & breaking 💔 over the babies we once held in our arms, prayed over & sang songs over. To those mommas who loved their toddlers well, played with, laughed with, taught how to do, well…everything! To those Mommas who prayed for their teenagers, loved them well through those tough years, taught them responsibility, helped to cultivate their gifts & talents.

The ache & hurt we feel for the kids God blessed our homes with…those kids we modeled a life of following after God….even though imperfectly.  

Those precious souls we taught in word & action of God’s truths – prayed for Day & night. Only to watch them walk away from that very truth and dive head long into a culture that is lying to them. Telling them anything goes!

Let’s make a pact!  

To not give up.  Ok? 

God sees our aching hearts Mommas! 

God hears our prayers in the night! 

God loves us! 

God loves them! 

God is ABLE! 

God is good!  

When everything we see, hear and feel tells us they are long gone…

The Holy Spirit whispers to our breaking hearts “don’t quit, don’t give up! Stay in the fight. Their very souls depend on it!” Stay on your knees.

Jesus-loving Momma’s we’ve gotta stay at our post of prayer!  

Don’t you dare give in to doubts, to the lies of the enemy, to the shouts of this world!  

Don’t listen to the faithless whispers & voices that surround you!  

Keep praying.  

Keep believing.  

Keep seeking, asking & knocking!  

Don’t quit!  

Don’t give in!

Don’t give up!  

The battle for their hearts, minds & souls depends on it!  

Prayer: Dear Daddy-God, help us to love well, live a life that points to You. Teach us to pray! Help us not quit, not give up & not lose hope.

Mostly though…Father, help your “Jesus-loving Mommas” to Trust that your love is more than enough!  That your arm is longer, your reach is farther!  Help us to Trust Your plan to rescue & redeem our prodigals from the roads they are on.  

We know You are able!  

We know & believe in Your power!  

Do it again Lord, do it again! 

In the mighty name of Jesus Christ! 

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Exposing Scars…

When we expose our scars through writing there are risks involved.   We risk being misunderstood and misinterpreted.  Revealing our healing story makes us vulnerable to critics, skeptics, and those who just don’t get it.   That’s ok!  There are others who need to hear our story.  Someone out there needs to understand that they are not alone.

So, I write!  Even though no one knows my name. Well, there is One who knows my name!  Even though I don’t have a platform (working on that).   I write!   I heard the call to write my story for His glory!  Deep down I know there are others out there like me, who have stood in the shadow of someone or something else their entire life.  We were never meant to live this life in anyone else’s shadow.  We were created to dwell in the shelter of the Most High and stand in the shadow of the Almighty!

If sharing my story helps one person turn to Jesus Christ.  If exposing my scars leads one person on a journey of healing in the shadow of His Wings; It will be worth it all!  There are many that live in the “shadow” of others who suffer with depression, anxiety, doubt & fear.  It is for those who will get it that I write.

I am trusting My Abba to use my story for His glory!

Psalm 91:1-2


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God’s Invitation To All… “Come in and know me better man”

via God’s Invitation To All… “Come in and know me better man”

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Great Article!

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