Why I Write…

 img_2784My God-given dream is to write for His glory!  I write devotions from my time in God’s Word and in prayer.  I write from my personal experiences.  Mostly, I write from a place of healing in hopes that someone else out there in blogosphere land who has also struggled with life in the “shadows” will dare to dream.

Writing for me has always been a passion. As a child I wrote a few short stories (wish I would have kept them).  I began journaling as an adolescent and that has proven to be a healthy practice throughout my life.  Writing is to me is like a life long friend.  I can’t imagine going a day without writing down my thoughts, feelings, prayers & stories! Now more than ever I feel compelled to write down our family memories.  In order to pass them down to our children, grandchildren & future generations.  We all have a story to tell.  All different.  All important.  Some with tons of baggage.  Others not so much.  But our stories matter.  We must remember where we have come from so we can see where we are going!

I truly hope that by telling my own story of “shadow living” others will be encouraged.  Encouraged to take steps of faith, out from under living life in the shadow of others. That they would begin to walk in who they were made to be.  Most importantly, they would  learn to live life more abundantly….

In the Shadow of The Almighty.  Psalm 91:1-2