Faith & Obedience

Our King is coming! Will we be ready? Will our lamps be filled with oil and lit? Are we watching? Are we eager for His appearing? Are we walking in the call and doing the work He called us to do?

Read through the book of Hebrews this morning and realized Jesus used the word continue, abide, dwell, stay, be steadfast, immovable, unshakable for a reason!

If my confession of faith (belief) in Christ is not connected to obedience to His word, will & way it’s not genuine faith!

Belief & faith are always followed by obedience. Faith & Feet moving in cadence with God’s Word & The Holy Spirit.

Reading Hebrews this morning has been
like a spiritual physical (check up or tune up) for my heart & mind today.

If I love Jesus Christ…I will obey His Word. I have adjustments to make TODAY! How about you?

We are living in a time of “falling away”, “drifting away”, down right turning away from the Truth of God’s Word, Will & Way. Let’s make sure our faith is genuine. Let’s be sure our feet are moving in the same direction as our faith.


About Shadow Living Blog

I am a writer in the making. My inspiration comes my relationship with Jesus and the healing He is doing in my heart. Other material comes from living life in my roles as wife, mom, daughter, friend and grandmother. Writing has always been my passion. It's like therapy to my soul. I believe everyone has a story to tell and can be part of The Greatest Story Ever Told, God's Story. My desire is to be obedient to God's call on my life by using this gift of writing for His glory. My hope is that through this blog I can encourage and inspire others to follow their God-given Dream and step out from a life lived in "the shadows"(whatever or whoever that is to you) and instead begin to live out the abundant life in the Shadow of The Almighty.
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