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Learning to Pray Hard Prayers At the Feet of Jesus

Have you ever prayed hard prayers? Prayers that go beyond, “God bless Charlie” or “God be with Susie.” Prayers that are developed out of desperate and what seem like impossible situations.  Prayers that are born out of the broken cries … Continue reading

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Lessons in Humility

Lessons From John the Baptist From Matthew Chapter 3, Mark 1:3-8 Luke 3:2-17, John 1:6-28 God impressed upon my heart a desire to go back to the basics and see for myself how Jesus ministered and taught his disciples to … Continue reading

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Choose To Go Low

After being still & quiet listening to the Word of God from the book of Genesis; I saw a vast difference in the lives of those who chose for themselves (Lot) and those who let God choose (Abraham). I also … Continue reading

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Living In The Shadow Of Anger

Have you ever thought of anger as being a healthy emotion?  I believe most of us think of anger as a very unhealthy emotion.  Anger gets a bad rap because, it is an emotion that is usually expressed in very … Continue reading

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Anger Can Move Us To Action!

I admit I have been frustrated and downright angry about things happening in our world, our nation and very recently in my own city.  Frustrated at the news media both local and national for the one sided and very slanted way … Continue reading

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Guest blog post

Debbie Wilson When Little Is Big Enough Have you ever thought, When I have more spiritual knowledge and experience, then I’ll boldly live my faith? The biblical story of Rahab challenges that notion. Sometimes, those of us blessed with Bible … Continue reading

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Friends New Book!

Go check out my friend’s new book.  Got my copy today and will post a review here when finished.  One chapter in and already loving it!  Check her blog out here:    

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