My response to the Madness

Just my thoughts….

God is Holy. God is sovereign. God is Love. God is good. God is kind. God is merciful. God is forgiving. God is Just. God is Great!

God reaches for the broken, the outcast, the ones crying out in pain. He loves the Hagar’s of this world. He doesn’t throw stones. He doesn’t condemn. He sent His One and Only Begotten Son to Die on the Cross to break the power of sin, to save us, to reconcile us to God the Father. He is not willing that anyone perish, but that ALL come to repentance.

He loves that “sea of pink” both the women and men that marched on DC this weekend. He loves women. He made us. He gave us power from the beginning. He gave us position from the beginning. He made us equal to man in the beginning. Jesus honored women. Women were among His followers, His disciples, they walked with Him, served with Him, were the first at the tomb to see Him on the third day! Women matter to Jesus!

How we choose to respond to those who are LOST and undone says alot more about our hearts than theirs. Lost people are not going to live morally righteous lives. I sure didn’t before I was born again! I lived for this kingdom – my kingdom. Lost people will always fight for their “rights”, they will never see things any different until The Holy Spirit draws them to Himself. So we must love in truth, grace, mercy and pray for the souls of the lost women and men in this nation. Not throw stones.

I am praying and believing for a great revival to come to our nation. It always starts in one or two hearts. I DO NOT have to lay down my convictions in order to love those whose thinking is completely opposite from my own. I think we can disagree but love others like Christ loves them. I don’t know? My heart hurts for this nation and this world. This world is becoming more and more backwards. We are truly living in times that the Word of God describes as when “evil is called good and good is called evil” so upside down. I personally feel like there is a “Jezebel Spirit” alive and well in our churches, in our homes, in our society as a whole.

We are not to cower down but we are to conduct ourselves in wisdom. I have been a fool believe me so many times I can’t count them. I do not want to get caught up and get my eyes fixed on the wrong things and miss what God is doing in our midst. We serve the God of ALL Hope. He redeems the unredeemable, restores the broken, rescues the lost & dying, He resurrects dead things! I know this because He did it in my life and He is still doing it today!

The answer to this madness is the Message & Power of the Gospel!

So, let’s choose to love like Jesus. Live like Jesus. Speak like Jesus. Pray like Jesus.


About Shadow Living Blog

I am a writer in the making. My inspiration comes my relationship with Jesus and the healing He is doing in my heart. Other material comes from living life in my roles as wife, mom, daughter, friend and grandmother. Writing has always been my passion. It's like therapy to my soul. I believe everyone has a story to tell and can be part of The Greatest Story Ever Told, God's Story. My desire is to be obedient to God's call on my life by using this gift of writing for His glory. My hope is that through this blog I can encourage and inspire others to follow their God-given Dream and step out from a life lived in "the shadows"(whatever or whoever that is to you) and instead begin to live out the abundant life in the Shadow of The Almighty.
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